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Shining New product from Qingdao: 4-glass-sided display fridge

This is a brand-new 4-glass-sided display case. Made in Qingdao Kaichuang Electrical appliance Co., Ltd. (KENKUHL), carefully designed by the KENKUHL R&D team, has got more than 30,000 units of orders as soon as launched.

Why do customers need display cabinets? What kind of display fridge has the best full display effect? What kind of display cabinet performs best in an environment with high ambient temperature and humidity? KENKUHL 4-glass-sided display cabinet from Qingdao Kaichuang electrical appliance Co., Ltd.!


1. The transparent 4-sided glass achieves a 360-degree display effect and keeps the cold air. Double-layer tempered glass on all sides makes the traditional display cabinet eclipse. Tempered glass is an option, and has been tested and verified by customers for half a year. The air-cooling defrost system and double-layer glass with Low E film can achieve a perfect display effect at an ambient temperature of 32 and 75% humidity. The integral door frame has a 99.99% sealing effect, which can completely keep the cold air.

2. Ventilated cooling, high quality compressor, mute & fresh keeping. Environmentally friendly copper wire compressor, energy-efficient and durable. Air cooling system, fast circled refrigeration with strong power and even temperature! The electronic thermostat is very easy to use.

3. Large display area, flexible placement. The transparent 4-glass-sided display fridge can be flexibly selected according to the size and displayed on an island freezer, corner, crown island freezer, cashier counter, etc. It does not occupy more space but has a maximum display area.



4. High-end ABS food-grade material.  All materials are high-quality food-grade to achieve real food safety. The metal shelf can be adjusted freely to increase the display area.


5. More options. Led strip, radiating outlet, beautiful handle, copper evaporator… It will fill you with unlimited imagination, which can prevent dishes, fruits and vegetables, beverages, cakes, fresh meat, and other products, to achieve zero distance between display and purchase. 

If you want to buy the most cost-effective 4-glass-sided fridge, follow Qingdao Kaichuang Electric Co., Ltd. KENKUHLWebsitewww.kenkool.com).Our concept: to manufacture the most cost-effective products suitable for customers.