About Kenkuhl

Qingdao Kaichuang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., with “Kenkuhl” as its brand, is the National high-tech enterprise and the SRDI enterprise. The company was established through mergers and acquisitions of peer company and then moved to Longteng Road, Shangma Community, Chengyang City, Qingdao City.

“Kenkuhl” is one of the leading brands in the commercial refrigeration field in China and has been well-known in the global market for more than 19 years. As an integrated service provider for the domestic intelligent cold chain products and system solutions, we are able to provide excellent quality cost effective services to our customers in the supermarket refrigeration field, the convenience store refrigeration field, commercial kitchen refrigeration field and the ultralow temperature appliances field.

Our "new product development capability and speed" and "corporate team culture" have become the core competitiveness of the company. Our products favored by global customers mainly include: the world's first double sides sliding glass top freezer with drawer, the customized combination island freezer, the single/double curved glass lid chest freezer for ice cream, the “Cassette” independent cooling beverage cooler, the cake showcase cooler, the combination freezer, the portable freezer and the chocolate cooler etc.

More than A Manufacturer

Our company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, CE, CB, ETL, KTC certifications in the industry. We provide professional equipment and considerate services to customers from the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia, totally 43 countries and regions, including Aucma, Midea, Haier Biomedical, WalMart, D-mart, Freshhema Supermarket, RT-Mart, Liqun Supermarket, Jiajiayue Hypermarket and 7-11 etc.


Raising the Bar

In the next three years, we will adhere to the research, development and manufacturing of the all-intelligent cold chain preservation technology of "from the field to the dining table", targeting areas in commercial complexes, convenience stores, unmanned sales, supermarkets, and community, and  targeting overseas markets in Middle East, Africa, South America and North America. We will adhere to the core corporate culture of “Add-Value to Customer Products”, keep up with the needs of consumption upgrading and the trend of IoT development, and strive to become an excellent “Intelligent Cold Chain Solution + Equipment Supplier” through product innovation, technological innovation and management innovation.

未来三年,青岛凯创电器Kenkuhl官方网站:www.kenkool.com ,将秉承“从田间地头到餐桌”全智能冷链保鲜技术研发和制造,定位商业综合体,便利店,无人售卖、社区超市,以海外中东、非洲、南美、北美市场为目标市场,以“成就客户”为企业使命,通过产品创新、科技创新、管理创新,努力成为卓越的“智慧冷链解决方案+设备制造商”。